Queen of Rebellion

Queen of Rebellion

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KamikazeKid By KamikazeKid Updated May 02, 2017

The Seven Circles created a community of obedience and order to be obeyed to the highest degree. In a world where your own thoughts could get you killed, the people had lost hope in ever returning to the freedom they once had. When a woman from another world crash lands into their home and proves herself worthy of the name "hero", it was then, and then alone, the people realized it was time to rise.

Bin-Rah was the name she was given when she arrived as a stranger. Kalanisi is the name she was given when her bravery shook the faith of the masses. Soldier was the title she was destined to hold. Bred to fight, living to lead, dying to protect, she is the savior of the Seven Circles and the Queen of the Rebellion.

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susie3stepup susie3stepup Sep 20, 2013
I cannot imagine what I would do if I had memory loss and I couldn't remember who I was?! And on top of that, being around people who didn't speak my language, good god...
ScarKrazy ScarKrazy Sep 20, 2013
Yea, this is very good. I have a feeling this new character is going to be as awesome as Pandora. How do you manage to do female narration so well? Actually, you do both well. I guess that's what makes a good writer :O