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Always alone.. Right? ~On Hold For The Moment-

Always alone.. Right? ~On Hold For The Moment-

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Anime is life By __Maddeh__ Updated Nov 14, 2016

(this is my first book so there may be errors) Your a wandering ninja with no home. You left your home because of your father and whole clan. You were wandering and ended up at a gate that says "The Hidden Leaf  Village" you ended up walking in. How will it go?

popbobrob popbobrob Jun 09
Me: Right, senpai! Because you're my husband now, right?
                              Kakashi: *Sweatdrops* That's not what I meant, Y/n-
                              Me: AND WE'LL BE SO HAPPY, JUST THE TWO OF US FOR ALL OF ENERNITY!
popbobrob popbobrob Jun 09
Blanket? Who needs a blanket when you've got Kakashi~Senpai?
popbobrob popbobrob Jun 09
*Ino soon realized she made herself look like a fool in front of her crush and insulted Sakura over and over again hoping Sasuke would notice her*
popbobrob popbobrob Jun 09
Hey! "Daughter..." *Cries* SENPAI SAYS I'M LIKE A DAUGHTER TO HIM!
And just tell her their names. Sure, why not, not like it's dangerous or anything?
Deszzy13 Deszzy13 Jan 17
Knock knock
                              Who's there
                              The door 
                              Sorry asdf movie moment I had to do it 😭😫😖🤧