She's Not a Cheerleader

She's Not a Cheerleader

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Samantha Laila Holmes was by no means a cheerleader. She was an athlete. She'd played all sorts of sports as a kid, but now her heart is set on volleyball. It's her junior year and she's been on the varsity volleyball team since she was a freshman. With volleyball who has any time for boyfriends? That was until... 

Lucas Braden Clark, the foot ball player. No, he was not stuck up and neither were his close friends. The only problem was that his friends only date cheerleaders. Cheerleaders at his school were boy crazy and self centered, he wouldn't last a minute with one. Seeing as he doesn't date cheerleaders and his friend would kill him if he didn't date one, he just doesn't date anyone. No one. Except...

She's not a cheerleader.

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