Cliché, Touché and Douche

Cliché, Touché and Douche

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I was walking on a path all alone at midnight. I was just wondering around, until I saw a guy in a hoodie. He was beating the pulp out of another guy and one more man was on the ground, he was not moving. I gasped. 'Is he dead?' Or he can be unconscious, yeah 'el' he is just unconscious not dead. Duh! 

Who would kill a guy? As I was proceeding with my thoughts, that hoodie guy turned his face towards me. My heart had a mini heart attack. I turned my heels to the opposite direction and started to run. 'Run Ella, run for your life' was what my mind was screaming to me. I took turns without thinking, that guy was now following me and guess what? I took a wrong turn and which ended up being a dead end ' You are so dead' I thought.
 So, I started to think what I said last time to the people I love. 'Good night mom, love you.' to my mom, 'Stop annoying me! I'm going to bed.' to dad which also mean I love you, 'See you later Lu, love you!' to Luana. Okay my good bye says I love them all. Now I can die in peace. Granddad I'll meet you soon in the heaven, if you are there. I was still in my deep thoughts until I saw his silhouette.  As, he get closer, my heart begin to race faster. I closed my eyes, until I heard him say "Ella?" 
O to the M to the G, this person actually knows me. I opened my one eye and saw him due to the small light hanging in that ally "Errrrr'ick!" I squeaked and mentally face palmed myself. Even at this state I'm calling him Errr'ick. "I'm sorry your highness, what can I do for you?" I squeaked again while trembling.
The next second I heard his fits of laughter. He was rolling on the floor, actually rofling.
I was glaring at him but I realised that I'm not in a position to glare. So, I made puppy dog face for him to spare my little life. He stopped but after seeing my face, he started to laugh again.

He tried to say between his guffaws "You..... your face .....was epiccc!" He started to gasp for air and had tears in his eyes.

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angelsakhi angelsakhi Mar 28, 2017
the lines are awesome but you should put a comma(,) instead of full stops at the end of every line i am not into story parts ,but i do know the literature and ways of the liines
KoMalSwiftie KoMalSwiftie Nov 02, 2016
Tbh I loved the title of your book. Looking forward to read.
Owlsley Owlsley Nov 12, 2016
Love the picture and this paragraph here! Curious to see how this goes.
MysticLady09 MysticLady09 Oct 16, 2016
Tbh I actually like your title its different which makes you wanna definitely check it out
SoFlyLikeADove SoFlyLikeADove Nov 29, 2016 have the same name as my 9 yr old daughter💟💜
MLYGhost MLYGhost Oct 27, 2016
Good for you! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼