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My mate is the new king! (Not edited!!)

My mate is the new king! (Not edited!!)

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T.E.S By Tabbiecat1213 Updated May 19

"MINE" a voice shouted making me melt in happiness...
Blooms life was never the picture of happiness. She always dreamed of finding a mate, someone to love and cherish her.
All her dreams are crushed when she meets Aiden the evil alpha also known as her mate. What happens when she manages to escape but lands herself in the royal packs territory. Well a new mate... the king

So I don't like Aiden at all...
                              I kind of want to beat his skull in with a metal baseball bat...
                              So yeah I really do not like Aiden Summers at all if I was in this book he would have been the second I seen him but that's just how I am so yup I am now done with this rant thing lol XD...
jtoughkat jtoughkat Dec 26, 2016
Hi uh smirk actually means conceited, smug, irritatingly superior smile so you can't do that playfully.
Killing your mates parents and loved ones....*sarcasm* wow! You should win the 'Best Mate In The World' trophy 🏆 👏👏
Taylor_Roo_ Taylor_Roo_ Dec 18, 2016
I'm sorry. No offense but this is really cliche. And it wouldn't have been possible for her to run that far without a few breaks.
You should put x50 in parentheses 
                              "...My great[(x50)] uncle..."
God her poor mother... that's terrible.. she's probably pregnant all the time