Meant To Be His

Meant To Be His

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Hamna Sohail By Hamna-sohail Updated 5 days ago

The best part about being alone is that you really don't have to answer to anybody. You do what you want. It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone. But sometimes it hurts alot.
The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.  

Its a story of a broken girl, which tend to be the strongest girl you have ever seen. she never showed that she is burning from inside. Always shows that she is happy, and one of the luckiest girl.

Huria Shehzad a pretty girl about 17 years old, lives with her aunt. Her parents died when she was 16 in an accident. She was badly injured than her aunt adopted her and they both lived together in a mansion. The day when her university starts everything was changing. She made friends. She can't forget that day. Her loneliness was fading away.

A boy name Ibrahim. Handsome, hot, but with deep secrets. Never attached to anyone physically. No one is allowed to ask any question from him, except for his mother. Really big ego but never showed infront of her. He was a mysterious man.

Ibrahim and one other boy came in her life and her whole life changed. 

Do u want to know what happened to her after that ? What will happen between them. What are the secrets. Why is he mysterious.

Please read the story you'll get to know. 

It's my first story. I really hope you like it.

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What's with the boys being hot ...and why do they always consider themselves *the most hot guy* ...
It feels so bad ... to be lonely specially without family ...they are our everything
ShazmaChauhan ShazmaChauhan Oct 12, 2016
What I told u girl :D  I feel somber for hur and yeah keep it up <3
XzaynsdirectionX XzaynsdirectionX Oct 08, 2016
No way! We're just casually sitting here looking at our parents who are injured and im here with a broken leg. Ofcouse we need help you moron.
Wow now that's new ... usually boys want every girl to fall for them ..
He seems to be a gud person... But some thing is fishy... ˋ﹏ˊ