Try me

Try me

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Abby Abella By VioleNtTiger Updated Aug 28, 2017

Katherine was born a human amidst werewolves, tired of being a misfit, she sets out on a journey free of them,

Only to find him who is determined to keep her.
"Don't you dare try to deny this," his meek voice increasing in determination, ".....don't deny me of having what was meant to be mine! Don't you see?" he shook me as if to wake me up, "we were meant for each other," suddenly his voice tender, "the moon goddess paired us together for a reason,"

I shook my head, unbelieving, he stopped me and pulled my face near his with a hand on my chin, "I will love you for an eternity, nothing will change that."


This story may contain 'im'mature themes in the future chapters, so please be warned...

Even though sex sells, let me tell you, first and foremost, that this story is not an erotica so please.. don't read this if your only reason for reading is to find something to jerk off to....its..yeah, you don't need to tell me.

Also, since 'Try me' is my first try on writing an actual story, you can expect it to undergo major content editing once completed.

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Maliwaii Maliwaii Jan 24, 2017
You're a great writer and I'm surprised you don't have a bigger following yet!
Windrider1997 Windrider1997 Jan 01, 2017
Dang girl! I can barely put a picture into Photoshop much less edit it! Color me impressed!
di6blo di6blo Nov 23, 2016
okay I'm pretty sure bosom is specified for women but I'm not judginggggggg
Xian66 Xian66 Dec 03, 2016
Kindergarten is not a roughly translation to Childrens Garden.
                              it's exactly that :-)
                              And i like this chapter, thought shes acting and thinking more like a teen and not an adult.
                              but well......girls......:-)
Green-power Green-power Dec 19, 2016
I personally think you could have padded out  the introduction with the characters build up. Excellent idea keep going.
FluffKinWazHere FluffKinWazHere Jan 13, 2017
I hope you did it in first person. But I know it's too late by now...