[C] Lucky One! | ExoPink SuRong

[C] Lucky One! | ExoPink SuRong

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프리돔 By BigBadB2st Completed

Chorong and Mark have been lover for almost three years.They are happy with the way they love.But their parents from both sides are not happy with their partner

Chorong's parents want their daughter to marry a good guy.A guy who has a good occupation and responsible while Mark's mother wants her only son to marry a working-type of girl.A girl who is living on her own without depending on her parents

When both sides are feeling disatisfied with each other,an argument starts between them.This causes Chorong and Mark's relationship becomes worse

Things become worsen when Chorong's dad tries to break them apart.Mark who cannot stand with their complicated situation decides to end the love they have built for three years

Chorong feels betrayed everytime she remembers about their promises.Chorong is sent to live with her aunty to heal up her broken heart

For Chorong,the seperation may be poison.But actually it brings her a new season of love.But she is being unlucky for not realizing it

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