The Princess and The Dragon {A NaLu Story}

The Princess and The Dragon {A NaLu Story}

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The Other Idiot By TheShippingEclipse Updated Jan 01


Lucy is a princess, a daughter of the old and strict king of Fiore. She's barely ever been outside of the castle, or her tower... Until one day. Her new tower and personal guard named Natsu Dragneel starts talking to her. He was extremely kind, and was willing to put his life on the line for her... But then, she finds out his secret.

Natsu is a dragon. He can take a human form, and also go into his dragon form. No one knows but her... Until on of her suitors lets it slip.

Will the Dragon save the Princess? Or will the Princess save the Dragon?

DelicateDaisyXD DelicateDaisyXD Nov 11, 2016
Why did I think or kirito from SAO when I read "long black cloak"
JumpyJules JumpyJules Dec 05, 2016
When people say "I'm so happy for ____" That means they are upset. Well, usually. I ship NaLu!
deadlylusciousLucy deadlylusciousLucy Sep 22, 2016
Nice i can't wait to read this...well guess I'd better get started