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Attack On Titan Truth Or Dare?! (All ships)

Attack On Titan Truth Or Dare?! (All ships)

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attack__on__yaoi By attack__on__yaoi Updated Feb 15

Ask truth or dares (can be dirty) for any of the attack on Titan characters and let the game begin! 

I'm not against yuri but if there is anything person you want me to write about 2 girls I might have to pass because I can't write yuri ... That doesn't mean I won't try tho

I dare u to give Jean a boner then dress in really sexy clothes after you give him a boner
C4TQU33N C4TQU33N Feb 03
I dare you to sing Hands To Myself (by Selena Gomez) while slowly pinning Marco to the wall. Just cuz. 😇
UCHIHA_Maiden30 UCHIHA_Maiden30 7 days ago
Mikasa, i dare you to kill eren and laugh at levi and steal sasha's potato and dance in front of everyone without looking!
Dress up in a maid costume and stay with Ymir for the rest of the day
Confess your feelings both to Bertholdt and Christa at the same time.
AAtbt04 AAtbt04 a day ago
Tell Eren " ever since I met you I wish titans had genitals" side note look like you care for him while you say it