Hey Wayne (Damian Wayne Fanfiction)

Hey Wayne (Damian Wayne Fanfiction)

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Shadow_Myths By Shadow_Myths Updated Oct 01

Batman is a hero that hides in the darkness and every dark corner you turn you could run into him. But Batman isn't the only one who hides in the shadows, there is another badass in Gotham who is so much better and her name is Black Sparrow. 

Eden Gale by day, Black Sparrow by night. Eden Gale is a girl you do not want to mess with, with her fierce temper and her awesome fighting skills Eden is a deadly warrior who no one dares challenge and yet people say the same thing about another bird, Who every knows as Robin. But what will happen when the stubbornly, sarcastic girl meets the son of Batman and an Assassin. 

Will their love soar like the birds that they embody or will it crash and burn like the two crime fighters it belongs to?

I do not own DC or any of the characters only Black Sparrow and I do not own the cover.

Some of the book takes place during the events of Justice League vs Teen Titans. I do not own that though I wish I could.

The cover was made by the amazing Fuuyuukii.

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I read "swung her mullet". I have been too endorsed in Voltron lately oml
I say this to my friend all the time she and I love anime 😂
Mom:why didn't you do your homework?
                              Me: BECAUSE I'M BATMAN
                              Mom: fair enough
I just laughed really loud and now my family is staring at me
- - Mar 23
I was laughing so hard at this, that my phone almost fell on my face