Hey Wayne (Damian Wayne Fanfiction)

Hey Wayne (Damian Wayne Fanfiction)

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Shadow_Myths By Shadow_Myths Updated 2 days ago

Hi my name is Eden Gale and I have a secret at night I go by the name Black Sparrow. Life was as normal as it could get for someone like me until one day everything changes and that was the day I met a fellow bird. That was the day I met Robin.

I do not own DC or any of the characters only Black Sparrow and I do not own the cover.

Some of the book takes place during the events of Justice League vs Teen Titans. I do not own that though I wish I did and It also takes place in Young Justice which I also don't own.

CeleRo CeleRo Nov 20, 2016
I'm actually paranoid about people. Like, I always tend to find possible places to hide, recognize provisional weapons like branches or heavy rocks, and I hate walking on the same side of the street with taller people (which is really awkward cause I'm so short)