Gray's......What?[ON HOLD]

Gray's......What?[ON HOLD]

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There was a new and unexpected member of Fairy Tail.

Her name is Crystal Alexis Wayne . Her Surname is unknown to everyone. Even Gramps. But someone in the guild knows her all too well.

Until Gray starts fishing her attention. They-Mira think that Gray is two timing on Juvia. Even if Juvia is already pregnant with Gray's child!

Mira spreads it in the guild.

But then everything went a quick turn of events.

What is Crystal Alexis Wayne to Gray? 

What is their connection?

Who really is Crystal Alexis Wayne ?

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SpiritOfNalu SpiritOfNalu Jul 25, 2017
NaomiEllaSabari NaomiEllaSabari Jan 01, 2017
Crystal is spelled with a C.  sorry I know people hate being corrected
Ardemental Ardemental Oct 24, 2016
Isn't this a bit illogical I mean just Crystal Alexis alone sounds like a person's full name .
bluberryjelli21 bluberryjelli21 Dec 03, 2016
I am 12 and have a bunch of friends the same age as me on wattpad so it's ok.
Cutie_Gem17 Cutie_Gem17 Feb 03, 2017
Why is it always that when there is a reader like character, they are always so strong?!
Storm_wolf5 Storm_wolf5 Dec 30, 2016
So like did anyone else notice that when it says ?????POV it says I and me and we in almost every other sentence?? When it's says nobody's P.O.V that means no personal pronouns Genesis