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Nightmare By LucyHeartfilia0530 Updated Oct 26

There was a new and unexpected member of Fairy Tail.

Her name is Crystal Alexis Wayne . Her Surname is unknown to everyone. Even Gramps. But someone in the guild knows her all too well.

Until Gray starts fishing her attention. They-Mira think that Gray is two timing on Juvia. Even if Juvia is already pregnant with Gray's child!

Mira spreads it in the guild.

But then everything went a quick turn of events.

What is Crystal Alexis Wayne to Gray? 

What is their connection?

Who really is Crystal Alexis Wayne ?

Mavis is a ghost  how can see um wots the word erm become pregnant ( them words will do) ?
Ardemental Ardemental Oct 24
Isn't this a bit illogical I mean just Crystal Alexis alone sounds like a person's full name .
Please do me a favor? Next time please make thay Macy and Mikie?
In this story, Mavis is been brought back to life. It's after the Zeref war actually..... So yeah! I make Makarov alive, I didn't want the poor old man to be forgotten.
bluberryjelli21 bluberryjelli21 3 days ago
I am 12 and have a bunch of friends the same age as me on wattpad so it's ok.
I can't see anything I guess it's my messed up internet though