Escaping mafia

Escaping mafia

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Third in the Mafia series. Sequel to Blaze and TMM.

"Please tell me you didn't not make that horrible noise!" The girl asks the man, rubbing her ear from how much my scream hurt it.
She turns to face me; I swear my heart stopped -and not in the good way. Her razor eyes sharpen as they look at me. Like the scope on a gun, she focuses on me. A cocky smirk is etched on her mouth, as though she's enjoying herself torturing people. Her eyebrow, dark brown like her hair, raises as she studies me. The girls lips are a blood red colour and she wears thick black eye make up in contrast to her pale complexion. Her posture is bold and confident.
The girl drops the hot branding iron onto the ground and Pulls out her gun. In one swift movement, she aims it at my head. I freeze. One or the tortured men starts talking but I can't focus on what he says, all I can think is gun.
Gun. Gun at my head.
"Hey!" The girl snaps at him, making me jump slightly.
Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god, I'm going to die! I'm going to die and my bodies going to be left to rot in this disgusting toilet!
She's clearly debating what to do with me. Really, how many options are there, kill me or what? She can't let me live now I've seen her face. Finally, she seems to come to a decision.
"Get on the ground before I put you there," She growls.


Rose Brookes knows better than anybody how a day can go from bad to worse. Though, after finding out what your boyfriends been up to AND running into the most dangerous assassin alive it can't get much worse. Well, for Rose it can.
After running into the wrong alley way, Rose finds herself drugged, kidnapped and stuck on the next plane to Italy with the frikkin Italian Mafia! 
Now it surly can't get worse.
Well, only so much can go wrong when your only hope of escaping is rested on five criminals!

Started: 10th September 2016
Finished: 7th December 2016

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