Shreds of love. (#Watty2016)

Shreds of love. (#Watty2016)

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Angellete Smith By AngelleteSmith Updated Nov 28, 2017

"I don't love you anymore." I stated looking at him dead in the eye. 

"really? Your eyes tell something else Elliana" he whispered against my lips.
I was breathing heavily so was he. He definitely knew the effect he had on me. But no I will not let him win this time. 

"no. I like Mark" his eyes darkened when he heard his name. 
"stay away from him" he gritted his teeth. 

"why? You don't have any right to tell me that and why do you care if I am with someone else it's not like you care." I whispered. 

"it is my business after all you are my wife. Tell that thing to stay away from what's mine. " 

Like every other girl Elliana Grace dreamt of marrying the love of her life 'Aiden Rochester'. 
And now her dream is coming true. 
She's getting married to the one she loves the most. 

As soon as she attains the name of his wife, everything changes. She realizes that her love was all in vain. She was heartbroken. 
Her heart that was like a glass bottle that shined with care, full of something wonderful was now broken into pieces, shattered on the ground in front of his foot. All she thought was that her heart was handed over to the wrong person by herself. 
All she had was hope that she will find his love back. But his hatred towards her was too much that slowly made her love towards him to completely suppress.


Cover by: eddyray26

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z-311212 z-311212 Dec 08, 2017
When are u hoing to complete this story its awesome plz plz update soon
sexybookwormlover sexybookwormlover Nov 12, 2017
Oh hell no. No one should get to choose your wedding dress except you
thuggamama thuggamama Jan 30, 2017
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izxhxlm izxhxlm Jan 14, 2017
Umm... I don't think he will break my bones since I'm a girl 😆 or no..
MabelIbale MabelIbale Nov 23, 2016
Just  wonder the meaning  of   Aiden angry facial expression on the  night of the honeymoon?