New To Me (Phan)

New To Me (Phan)

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Dan thinks himself to be straight. That is, until Phil enters the picture. 

AU set in high school in which Phil is the new kid and Dan begins to develop feelings that are completely new to him. (Dan POV)

Book cover by GypsyRover :)

"good friends"
                              you're gonna become more than that, Danny boy
starryphil starryphil Nov 23
people are like "lol same" but when i was five i kicked this guy in the balls because he insulted sesame street
dec28baby dec28baby 4 days ago
I'm so evil. I actually tried to sell my younger brother on eBay when I was younger and threw a whole tv at my older brother.
Omg!!1!1!1!!1 A decently written fanfiction, with great punctuation, where Dan isn't an emo who cuts himself!1!1!1!!1
starryphil starryphil Nov 23
if you did that in my school you'd get screamed at by the teacher😂
imsh00k imsh00k Nov 17
Is it just me, or does he look like Winnie the Pooh fûcked slenderman?