°The New Guy °A Gaurence Fanfic°

°The New Guy °A Gaurence Fanfic°

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Emma Rose By WolvesDaughter Updated 3 days ago

'Now, I could tell you how he was tall, at least 6 feet,'

'Or how he had sandy blond hair,'

'Or that he had the bluest eyes.'

'Instead, I'll tell you how he shifted his weight onto one side,'

'How his hair curled slightly at the ends, falling into his face, showing he hadn't brushed it.'

'And how his smile almost hid the bag under his eyes, showing all his sleepless nights.'

'Somehow, without even a word, this man had captured my full attention.'

*Temp cover by P- Y- F*

Endo9153 Endo9153 Oct 18
....I have a correction
                              GARROTH IS SHORT
                              ok I'm sorry that always gets on my nerves XD
MARY1359 MARY1359 Nov 25
If you still don't know who drew the cover its an artist called P-Y-F and she draws so nicely its godlike :3
Roxie_Travis_Sis Roxie_Travis_Sis 3 days ago
Damn right he Is he's fuckig British! And eats Crumpets while riding dragons :3 it's from the Never have I ever
I guessing that the story Aphmau was telling was an Ihop hide and seek and her friend she was hiding with was Adam? Idk I'm just guessing. Btw I loving your story!