✰The New Guy✰ <gaurence>

✰The New Guy✰ <gaurence>

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✰Emma Rose✰ By WolvesDaughter Updated Jan 28

'Now, I could tell you how he was tall, at least 6 feet,'

'Or how he had sandy blond hair,'

'Or that he had the bluest eyes.'

'Instead, I'll tell you how he shifted his weight onto one side,'

'How his hair curled slightly at the ends, falling into his face, showing he hadn't brushed it.'

'And how his smile almost hid the bag under his eyes, showing all his sleepless nights.'

'Somehow, without even a word, this man had captured my full attention.'

*cover by me! no touchy*

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Going to here right from boiling point is a huge difference lol
Well that knows out one of my ships but Im fine with katemau
It’s the grim reaper, Don’t worry he’s here for me. XD
Yay I get to be the first person in the comments to do then...Ahem..
PiperFleming PiperFleming 2 days ago
These are frighteningly similar to the conversations a hear randomly from across the bus at random times
PiperFleming PiperFleming 2 days ago
Then I'd have a pretty messy criminal record, I'm (slightly, lol) known for the looks I give some people