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°The New Guy °A Gaurence Fanfic°

°The New Guy °A Gaurence Fanfic°

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Emma Rose By WolvesDaughter Updated Jul 05

'Now, I could tell you how he was tall, at least 6 feet,'

'Or how he had sandy blond hair,'

'Or that he had the bluest eyes.'

'Instead, I'll tell you how he shifted his weight onto one side,'

'How his hair curled slightly at the ends, falling into his face, showing he hadn't brushed it.'

'And how his smile almost hid the bag under his eyes, showing all his sleepless nights.'

'Somehow, without even a word, this man had captured my full attention.'

*cover by me! no touchy*

Fuhuhuhuhu idk why am I laughing like this but I guess there's Katelyn x aph fuhuhuhuhuuuuu
Sounds like me and my friends. One day we're at my house watching Yuri!!! On Ice, the next Carlie is spraying me with a water gun, Madison is speaking Russian (again) and Liz is trying to bite Carlie's finger (Again)
Sugerlump Sugerlump Apr 14
How dont they know who garroth is? Oh yeah sorry!  Its a fanfic... YAY!
Jury0f9 Jury0f9 May 29
There's re-readers so this must be good 🌚
                              I'm going to scream if someone dies because I've been on Wattpad all day and each fanfic someone died I don't think I could handle another death of my children
- - May 11
ive not been in the aphmau family since aphmau disappeared so~
pitbull2321 pitbull2321 Apr 18
I'm gonna ignore your grammar and ask, is katemau gonna be in the story?