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Domestic (Dan Howell X Female Reader)

Domestic (Dan Howell X Female Reader)

150K Reads 6.5K Votes 40 Part Story
>•< By LiteralTrashbag02 Updated Jan 31

{highest ranking; #41 in fanfiction}
 This starts cringey & unrealistic but it gets better, I swear.
This is a 'safe' fanfic. I intend that no self harm, suicide, eating disorders etc are included in this book. If there is, I will put a disclaimer at the start of the chapter.
Grammar police welcome to correct me in the comments.

shtDookie shtDookie 7 days ago
I only have 20 subscribers, and there either people I know, or one person with multiple accounts
shtDookie shtDookie 7 days ago
I just read 'You' as 'Yuri' help I've been watching Yuri On Ice too much
Nah I'd do speed paints, awkward stories, and vlogs 
                              Makeup isn't my thing
*puts on thug glasses* I'm famous now buddy. *flips hair obnoxiously*
i_am_lonley i_am_lonley Jan 29
Nah, I would be a gaming channel with skits and stuff like Markiplier (Markimoo!)
Mikalixi Mikalixi Feb 15
My first thought when it said 'unnoticed gem' was……IF YOUR EVIL AND YOUR IN THE RISE YOU CAN COUNT ON THE FOR OF US TAKING YOU DOWN!!!!