The Undercut Lovestory

The Undercut Lovestory

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myllnjlx By myllnjlx Updated Oct 31, 2016

It's just typical Monday for us, well I am reffering to my bestfriend Jana Pages. I met her at the Blue Eage Gym once then we bumped each other while I am rushing to my class last last week. We became Best of Friends real quick cause she's so kind and nice. I am Isabel Beatriz De Leon and I will head to the point that I'm not into boys! Yes! You heard it right. I'm not straight. Not all of my friends know my real identity just few😊 I'm taking up a course related to Management basta yun😂 

"Isabel you're spacing out again"  
"I'm so sorry jans ☺ Come on lets buy our food na"

While Jans and I are walking towards the schools caf. We talked about random stuffs like her sport which is Law Tennis and mine which is Volleyball. Then we parted ways cause she will be the one to order our food and I will be the one to find seats for us.

To be continued.
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