Mystery Of Jupiter

Mystery Of Jupiter

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In the year 2499, NASA had identified an ice mountain in the north of Jupiter. They have done lots of research on that by sending the automatic spaceships. But due to some reasons that ship lost the signal with the earth. Even their traces were not found.

After all tries, in the year 2578, NASA had planned to send a team. The mission named as the mystery of Jupiter. NASA made a live coverage on the earth about their mission. But something had happened, NASA had lost the signal again and this time, they lost their four men and one woman.

What could have happened? Why the signal got lost? Are they alive or not? Can NASA find out the mystery behind this?

varunfun varunfun Sep 17
Actually spaceship creates an opposite thrust force for landing. I just wrote like that now i will change that
You can omit this as you mentioned already in the first sentence... :)
Hi there! Hope you mind me giving some tips on you. By the way, I am MariamSarhan. Love your idea of plot just watch out on shifting of tenses like in this paragraph. You started present then past then back to present again... Hope you find this helpful.; )
eyeexeyeeye eyeexeyeeye Sep 17
Just a thought. Is English your first language? Your syntax is reminiscent of a foreign language sentence structure. Just a thought.
obo909 obo909 Sep 17
Can I ask how one would land on Jupiter? It's made of gas and people would just fall through its surface.
And one more thing. When you reply, hit the reply button of the comments so your readers will know that you answered them. It help a lot to interact with them! :) Best of luck!