Mystery Of Jupiter

Mystery Of Jupiter

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### Book 1###

In the year 2499, NASA had identified an ice mountain in the north of Jupiter. They have done lots of research on that by sending the automatic spaceships. But due to some reasons that ship lost the signal with the earth. Even their traces were not found.

After all tries, in the year 2578, NASA had planned to send a team. The mission named as the mystery of Jupiter. NASA made a live coverage on the earth about their mission. But something had happened, NASA had lost the signal again and this time, they lost their four men and one woman.

What could have happened? Why the signal got lost? Are they alive or not? Can NASA find out the mystery behind this?

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halleblueberry halleblueberry Mar 22, 2017
Dang. When you don't know anything about NASA but live in Houston.
ChandraJ ChandraJ Oct 15, 2016
It was a good description... how you represented a space center and its workers in action.... a little more characterization at the beginning would be great!
billymandykristoff billymandykristoff Oct 21, 2016
How are they going to land on Jupiter when there is no surface?.
                              The whole planet is just gas.
Javedansari6542 Javedansari6542 Jan 03, 2017
please do explain how the astronaut placed a video call when Jupiter is like 60 or 70 light minutes away from earth. If I say hi from Jupiter it would take an hour or so for that message to reach earth.
                              Anyway it's a good book
EmojiHanna EmojiHanna Sep 21, 2016
I enjoy this chapter as the last one, Also I wonder why u didn't put end of chapter 2 as u did for chapter 1 ? By the way I like how you put space between each paragraph when u write. Mainly what u have written was just amazing your a great writer.
dark_matt04 dark_matt04 Jan 03, 2017
Gravity belongs to core I think scientifically gas is prolific but gravity is abundant