When Life Gives You Lester

When Life Gives You Lester

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"I think it's time you go somewhere else, Dan. Find yourself. Discover yourself and all that bullshit. Dan, I want you to find meaning in life. I want you to travel the world and see the things worth living for. Trust me"

Dan Howell is stressed, depressed, and completely and utterly lost in life; and, yes, you guessed it: he is having an existential crisis. 

Because of this he decides to travel the world and not only does he discover himself again, he finds something worth living for: Phil Lester. 

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trigger warnings: mentions of suicide and depression

☆ cover art credit to hsiao ron cheng

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joshcanteven joshcanteven Nov 28, 2016
I am here for you even though I don't know you because you seem like a nice person I can relate to.
imakebadpuns imakebadpuns Jan 14, 2017
I know we've never talked before but I'm here for you if you need me
icraftphantrash icraftphantrash Sep 11, 2016
I literally screamed when i saw that you have a new book:)) YOU'RE MY FAVE AUTHOR EVER
IsabelCervantes1 IsabelCervantes1 Jan 24, 2017
I just woke up so I'm a little disoriented and I thought therapist was the rapist
CrazyTrumpetGal CrazyTrumpetGal Dec 22, 2016
Who else was singing, "A Whole New World" durning this chapter?
toomuchtoptrash toomuchtoptrash Dec 27, 2016
Troye: I'll be back soon
                              Me & Troyes fans: *gets out 2028 calendar and writes "soon"*