My Little Neko // Septiplier

My Little Neko // Septiplier

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High Expectations By PepUrOnies Completed

Jack meets a mysterious person while he went to go get the mail. Little did he know, this one person was going to completely change his life.

Lmao the first part is cringey okay I was ten leave me alone lmao


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NaimaMorris NaimaMorris Apr 30, 2017
😂😂this is totally what Jack would say in a video game!!
blueiplier719 blueiplier719 Apr 24, 2017
I see that happening irl but Jack touches marks butt 😂😂😂
StormieHuddon StormieHuddon Dec 01, 2017
I'm imagining a cat playing with his tail and falling off of the furniture. I'm sorry I have to laugh. Lolololololololol
fluttershyiskiller fluttershyiskiller Mar 31, 2017
*face palms and whispers* oh my goooood jack. youre so slow to process things!
KatSaysHello KatSaysHello Aug 16, 2017
The NYAAAA sound from marks try not to laugh where it's the noise with a video of a car?
The_Bane_Children The_Bane_Children Mar 15, 2017
I kept thinking Jack was the neko.....and then I realised  how dumb I am