Kings Obsession

Kings Obsession

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James is a heartless king of a big kingdom, he murdered his parents at the age of 12 so he could take over the throne. he is cruel, cold-hearted and did not care for his people. until one day when he leads an attack on a village that failed to pay there bills he comes across a girl and instantly becomes love obsessed with her.

Alice is a farm girl who lives with her parents in a small village. she lives a happy life until the king attacks her village and she is captured and taken to the kings castle and is forced to become the kings personal servant.

⚠mature contact and language

Cover by toxiquecovers

how can she fall in love with a guy that basically killed her mom.....
TearsofLOVE TearsofLOVE Jul 22
You probably shouldn't use 2 exclamation points, it's very unprofessional
If she falls in love with him in the future, I hope she remembers that he murdered her mother for no reason whatsoever
Lillyander Lillyander Jul 28
hahahaha causing her to fall in the dirt just imagining that xd srry woudnt be funny if it was my mom ik
Water the horses is the farmers way of saying I'm going to give the horses some water to drink in their water bucket
baran_09 baran_09 2 days ago
"We finely reached the city of the kingdom.." did you mean the capital city? Also,
                              solder -> soldier