I Am Always Here ~A FNaF x Reader~

I Am Always Here ~A FNaF x Reader~

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You were an excellent kid. Everyone noticed this. Your parents especially. They would take you to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You loved going there. The pizza, the music, but it was the animatronics that caught your heart. You loved Chica's happiness, Freddy's jokes and laughs, Bonnie's musical skills, and of course Foxy's stories. You were their biggest fan!

Until the Bite of 87. Your parents swore that you were never going to go there again! Ouch that was a heartbreaker.

You're now 18 years old! Your family is kicking you out now. You desperately need a job. 

You decide on Freddy's. How hard can it honestly be? Will the animatronics remember you? Will they still love you? Or will someone else captivate you?

Hiya! I own nothing of FNaF. I wish I did. That would be awesome!

It's really good. I'm happy that it doesn't immediately throw reader-chan into the fire.
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