Harry Potter Imagines/One Shots

Harry Potter Imagines/One Shots

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Julie Annelisse By julieannelissehyland Updated 17 hours ago

Harry Potter imagines- One Shots of all sorts! 
Let me be clear: I will have Requests open, just DM me with:
.Your name/name of the character
.Choice of boy (I will only write: Harry, Ron, Draco, Cedric, Oliver Wood, Fred/George, Two of the marauders (just James Potter and Remus Lupin in their Hogwarts years) 
.A description of yourself (it can be useful)
.Description of imagine (what you want it to be about)
.NO SMUT! I only go like, before the smut (? Read my imagines and it will make sense.
.Any other details. 

I will be rather slow, as im juggling with 6 books. Still, I hope you enjoy. 
My own imagines will be in here also. 

I don't own any of the characters, or setting of this story, apart from the main situation and the requester's character. Everything devoted to the Harry Potter book and movie series belongs respectively to author J.K Rowling. No copyright intended.

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