Tension in the Dollhouse (Goku X Reader)

Tension in the Dollhouse (Goku X Reader)

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DigitalJolt By DigitalJolt Updated Oct 12

You were one of your Master's many dolls. You knew he loved all ten of his dolls, but he seemed to favor one.

And it wasn't you.

You plotted to get rid of the doll that stood in your way, just to get your Master's affection. 

He fed, clothed, and gave you a dollhouse to live in, but he gave those to all of the dolls.

You wanted more.

But your Master has many secrets that he hasn't shared with his precious dolls.

Will you still love being his doll, or do you want to escape?

Awesome as always can't wait for the next one.  I  love this story
Hey is this based off of the game Mad Father??? If so, that is AMAZING!
Dbzvegeta1 Dbzvegeta1 Oct 01
This is so interesting!! Please update as soon as you can!💗💗