The Hybrid's Lovers

The Hybrid's Lovers

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Book One of Hybrid Trilogy

Tobias' whole life had been a joke. The pack he lived in pretended to love him,  until he shifted that is. Tobias' pack always knew he was a hybrid, but they hoped one of his supernatural powers would be supressed. What they didn't expect was for him to have three different shifts. Wolf. Bear. Cat. Three different species, one man. No one cared that Tobias was the Alpha's son, he was a disgrace to the pack and was tried for treason.

After Tobias was chased after his pack he turned rouge. He no longer would abide to the rules of a pack since they couldn't seem to come to terms that someone could have more then one shift. That you could be stronger.

Now Tobias is 25 and still mate less, and that is how he plans to keep it, but he has created his own little pack of his own, all rouges who he saw could be helped.

But when one of the younger pups crosses pack territory and the Alpha shows up, who just so happens to have a mate, a were cat named Josiah and a rouge named Blaze, a bear shifter, in the cells back at the pack house, will chatostrophic means be made so this alpha can have his mate, or will Tobias reject them to protect his own heart and pack dignity? How will Tobias' mates take to his firm resistance of the domesticated pack life? And how will they convince him that not all Alpha's are bloodlust creatures.

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DimensionSleeper DimensionSleeper Sep 04, 2017
BEAR CHEETAH TIGER 😂😂😂  damn I gotta screenshot this. 😂
X_suki_X X_suki_X Nov 20, 2017
Chill_Fam Chill_Fam Sep 22, 2017
You'll get over those worthless people, it just goes to show we need to lose the bad people in our life we think we need to make room for actual real people we need
Queen_Hellion Queen_Hellion Jun 21, 2017
Well I guess I'll guess because my memory isn't that good 😂😂
Jaywho_ Jaywho_ Jul 08, 2017
Honestly it shouldn't even matter at this point. One, he abandoned you. Two, you finally left that sh*t hole to escape from the harsh treatment. At this point only tour health, safety and survival should matter.
XTipsyX XTipsyX Jul 04, 2017
Eh, then wouldn't Tobias pack know what he was when he was born? A bit confused on that poibt