Pokemon High School- Amourshipping

Pokemon High School- Amourshipping

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Franticshipping Is Amazing! By FinnTheDolphin Updated Feb 04

Ash has had a great life so far! Living in Kanto is great for him. He has so many friends, so much stuff to do, plenty things that make it awesome. But when Ash has to move out of Kanto, all of that changes. He has to move to Vanniville town in the Kalos region!! It might not be so bad though.

Serena is a girl who's parents are dead, and she has no family left. She's been bullied all her life, and she's gotten used to it. Because of the bullying, she has no friends. Until she meets Ash, the new kid. He stands up for Serena, and they become friends, and maybe something more.........

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon or its characters.

Pokelol123 Pokelol123 Oct 13, 2016
Replace airplane stuff to travelling stuff and it would look better
My reaction: i started to shake the screen while saying *OHHH* from quiet to loud
Strawberrylermon Strawberrylermon Dec 25, 2016
RIP 4th wall, it was nice knowing you
                                                                    4TH WALL
I_luv_dogz_and_catz I_luv_dogz_and_catz Dec 18, 2016
I thought Iron Tail was a steel type move so it isn't affective to Garchomp because Garchomp is a GROUND and Dragon type. Because steel is weak against GROUND. Ash's Pikachu defies the logic of Pokemon.
scottbomber scottbomber Nov 06, 2016
i'm sorry madame, but you can only use one move per turn, r u using growl or slash?
Pokevic03 Pokevic03 Oct 28, 2016
Ok, Serena's super tough. Do you know how strong Garchomp is?