Fear and Misery (Joji x Reader)

Fear and Misery (Joji x Reader)

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Welca Ronac By BloodRedOnyx Updated Jul 24, 2017

Literal trash. Like, seriously. Fucking trash.
At least it's Joji trash though.

I honestly shouldn't have to put a warning because this is a Joji x Reader and if you're easily triggered then  why the fuck would read something that has anything to do with the man behind The Filthy Frank show, but I'll do it just for the sake of covering my own ass since I'd rather not get shit from someone who was possibly triggered from reading this and then blames me for not having a trigger warning :^) 

-Contains mature graphic material and possible triggering content such as:
•  S    M   U    T 
•A lot of fucking language
•Heinously offensive humor
•Some pretty intense situations             c;     
•Some violence and graphic content; such as blood
•Mentions of suicide, bullying, depression, and self harm
•¿ ¿ ? ? D I D  I  M E N T IO  N  S M U T  ? ? ¿ ¿

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StoriesFromTheBrain StoriesFromTheBrain Sep 21, 2016
the reaction to joji living near "me" is actually what i'd think. pls