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"Do you know what I am?" he asked running a hand threw is god like hair. What was happening to me. I have never been so caught up in someone I have know for so little.

I shake my head 'yes' nonetheless. This guy scares me. He could hit me. Like they did. I never thought it would end. Then he came. 

"I'm your mate, Alpha of the black blood pack Troy " he introduced.

The black moon pack he has to be joking right?

"What is you name" he asked. Grabbing my hands and pulling me towards him. The look of destress in my eyes said it all because he pulled away looking hurt, which is soon replaced by anger.


When she was 9, Ava, had been taken from her old pack, a pack of werewolves. Kidnapped even. Then sold. She was beaten, along with the Alphas daughter her best friend. 

After almost 8 years of being a slave her mate comes along. Troy the Alpha of Black Blood pack the biggest and feared pack of them all.She was kidnapped by the first, sold to another  and stolen by her mate. 

Read and follow her story. Where there will be romance and heart brake as well as action detailed scene of anger. And one thing you don't want is an angry werewolf. Something she had learn the hard way......

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Cabbey29 Cabbey29 Apr 25
I laughed for ten minutes straight after that😂 ‘roomers’
SaraWolf10120 SaraWolf10120 Oct 13, 2016
My inner wolf wants to rip their froughts out! How dare they rape those poor girls! GRRRRRRR
AHHHH. You can actually feel what they're feeling right there and it gives me the tingles*shudders* this is turning out good by the way
Abbie_Potter Abbie_Potter Dec 21, 2016
I read licking.😣😣😣   I'm so glad I reread that line😂😂
anxiousqueen98 anxiousqueen98 Oct 10, 2016
Not being rude but almost all the times you used WAS needs to be WERE....