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Now He Sees Her

Now He Sees Her

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Mia Samantha By SammyMia Completed

Esmeralda was a nerdy student who nobody really knew about, she was made fun of because of her looks, and the clothes she wore but nobody knew the real struggle she was going through.

Esmeralda grew up thinking that her mother had died which caused her father's drinking problems but that was far from the truth. Her mother abounded her when she was a year old for a man. Her father started drinking causing her godmother to take care of Esmeralda, until he finally decided to get help but when Esmeralda was 16 years old.

Being bullied at school was something she had to live with the only escape she had was her godmother's dance studio where she loved to dance. She dance about everything but her favorite dance was tap dancing which she would teach a class to younger students there.

One afternoon she walks in to see she had a new student where she would have private practice with her since her family wanted the best teacher to teach their daughter, making Esmeralda the teacher. Esmeralda enjoys her time with this little girl, but one afternoon as she walks in she sees none other then the jock the quarterback, the most popular guy of the school Nicolas sitting in her private lesson.

Turns out that Esmeralda has been teaching Nicolas's younger sister tap little by little Esmeralda notices that Nicolas is coming around the studio more which freaks her out, the more she wants to stay away from him the more she cant. The two start getting along but what happens when Stephanie, Nicolas's girlfriend finds out?

Will Nicolas be able to leave his popularity for Esmeralda or is this all a sick joke for him? what happens when Esmeralda's mom comes into the picture?

Mail246 Mail246 Mar 13
Girls doesn't need to use make up be to beautiful. There beautiful just the way they are. No one's perfect.
TaurielRogers TaurielRogers 2 days ago
He's not cute or hot or anything based on the pic an he needs a haircut an a better background
Thea47493 Thea47493 Dec 21, 2016
I've been dancing for 9 years now, and 8 on them where Tap Dance