Behind Those Glasses [Completed] =Under Major Editing= (JD/LQ/KN/EN)

Behind Those Glasses [Completed] =Under Major Editing= (JD/LQ/KN/EN)

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Changed title into 'The Nerdy Sisters meets the bad brothers' into 'Behind those Glasses', 

This book is Under Major editing! This is a Typical cliché lovestory, so if you hate cliché books then this is not a book I would recommend. Anyway, I am editing this book cuz it's so CRINGEY! This is the first successful book I made, plus I didn't really have a stroyline for this I just wrote whatever my 11 year old self thought. (Btw i'm 13 yrs old now so... )

Btw please tolerate my wrong grammar and spelling mistakes!


(If you don't know them they're just the filipino celebs I imagine my main characters to be, no worries if you don't know them)


When the quadruplets Mia, Pia, Gail, and Hail's beloved mother died from brain tumor, they didn't have a choice but to live with their father, his fiancé, Evie, and also their brothers. The girls didn't want to move out from they're neighborhood, they would go and stay in an orphanage rather.

Moving to another school, and adjusting with their new life without their mom wasn't their plan. Being in one place, and breathing the same air with their brothers was the last thing they would want to do, and going to Eastwood high with them was the worse thing that can happen.

They all made a deal that they wouldn't mind each other since, the boys thinks their reputations are way different with their sisters, since they're one of the popular basketball players, and the girls are just some nerdy newbies.

That one time in all cliché lovestories when the nerd bumps into the school's heartthrob? It's happening. Logan, Lance, Lewis, and Linton are one of the most popular heartthrobs in the campus, and you wouldn't want to get into their ways.

What happens when they all see each other, again? 

What happens when the truth is revealed that two of the heartthrobs siblings are the nerdy newbies?

4 lovestories, 1 book. Hope you guys like it! Not the best, but Hey! I tried:)

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