The Bad Boys Next Door

The Bad Boys Next Door

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(Previously The THREE Bad Boys Next Door)

"Go upstairs to your room, and clean yourself off, you sorry excuse for a daughter." He hisses in my ear, and I whimper softly as an answer. 

In the race to get upstairs, I trip a couple times, making my many bruises of the night throb, and my head pound harder than a drunk with a hangover. 

I open my door and slam it closed, sighing in relief. Now, time to tend to these wounds. 

Walking over to my wall mirror, I slowly start to slip off my sweater, when out of the corner of my eye, I spot 3 pairs of eyes on me, staring at me through three different windows. I pretend to not notice them, and instead go into my bathroom, grabbing some pajamas on the way in. 

Little did I know, that those three pairs of dangerous eyes were studying everything about my life. 


****Adult language used, abuse****

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Iamcomfortable Iamcomfortable Nov 06, 2016
Yeah nerd and nadboys may be clichè but love comes in different ways so let the creativity flow ;-)
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