close | yandere!sinbad

close | yandere!sinbad

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bitter 24/7 By xliliths Updated Oct 01, 2017


' the strongest form of attachment
that exists for another human being is
the most passionate of love,
leads to madness'

[yandere!sinbad x fem!reader]

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QueenOfLegos QueenOfLegos Aug 24, 2017
Umm... at least he's... somewhat courteous...kind of... not really...
QueenOfLegos QueenOfLegos Aug 24, 2017
Why have I never read one of these Yandere! stories before?!
JynnBean JynnBean Feb 04
I like to pretend the OC's has chestnust brown hair and vibrant green eyes. With a short slightly pudgy face!
xliliths xliliths Sep 13, 2016
Thank youuuy :D my writings not that good tho. ..hehe
                              I do wish there were more yandere Sinbad. ..and more Sinbad stories in general :)
LightTraitor LightTraitor Jan 29, 2017
*throws vase* (if you get that reference I will give you a cookie)
sataellite sataellite Sep 11, 2016
                              YUSSSSSSYUSSS DADDY =&@*$&@*#*$<">#*$">@*$&@*#*$</a>