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yandere female various x male reader (No More Requests)

yandere female various x male reader (No More Requests)

52.2K Reads 567 Votes 37 Part Story
Dexter By hythedemon Updated Feb 11

Requests permanently closed after I finish all requests and the crystal gem story I'll be done permanently

KaminaMatoi KaminaMatoi Dec 02, 2016
I find this yandere one shot and first thing is ryuko. And I'm like: o_o ......shiiiiit.....
ntfromaroundhere ntfromaroundhere Sep 23, 2016
Yandere Elise (from Azure Striker Gunvolt) X male reader [where the reader is also an adept please]
D3M0N_DUD3 D3M0N_DUD3 Sep 10, 2016
Try with the queen of yandere first Yuno gasai that's what I did
gojira2003 gojira2003 Sep 10, 2016
Yandere Cinder x Yandere Medusa x Male Reader x Yandere Ragyo (if that's not too much)
btsarmy-10 btsarmy-10 Jan 05
I think I'll be the only girl reading this book ._.
                              But I do have my reasons people!!!!!!