The Juliette Project

The Juliette Project

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Nghi (Knee) By orangechicken Updated Aug 09, 2014

Juliette "Jay" Williamson ran away to the ruthless city of New York, New York with one goal that she's determined to fulfill: 

To find her biological parents. 

Somehow, by a strange twist of Fate, Juliette ends up switching places with a rich heiress, taking her place in the high upper class until her doppelganger can be found. Amidst all the chaos, Juliette has to learn the ways of the upper society, while learning how to become a completely different person. Drama, secrets, and lies, Juliette has to conquer them all. 

As the secret starts to grow, Juliette learns that not everything is possible. Can she keep up the act and still keep her secret hidden? Or will everything fall apart before she even gets the chance to find out who she really is?

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Voldermort2002 Voldermort2002 Apr 29, 2017
Its the boy you never told i like you
                              Its the girl you let get away
lil_vixen lil_vixen Mar 12, 2016
I gonna love this. And you know the weird thing? My name is Juliette! XD
2phamm 2phamm May 23, 2016
You don't even know who I am or where I live how are you supposed to stab be with a thousand metal spoons
leonieslayqueen leonieslayqueen Jul 22, 2016
I love this book already added it to my library. You never disappoint shevvie!! Keep up the honey good job btw wouldn't it be awesome if all ur books were series (as in movie series)  I'd never go to school.
grizleebear grizleebear Dec 20, 2015
Oh gee hahaha this is definitely from Montecarlo hahahah I love that movie
frictional frictional Sep 20, 2015
why is the summary so similar to prince and the pauper haha.