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Her Blue Eyes (Twilight/Carlisle Fanfiction)

Her Blue Eyes (Twilight/Carlisle Fanfiction)

102K Reads 1.8K Votes 13 Part Story
Sylvie By MagiFlower Completed

(COMPLETED)-Melody is 17 when she is turned into a vampire by Maria, creator of Jasper and various vampires she used as her army. Her mate was turned into a vampire before she was, and killed by Jasper in a battle. When she hears she has to fight, she runs away when her years of misery begin. She hates her new life, she hates the monster she has become. She drowns in her own guilt and in the loss of her mate. Until finally she picks up her life again thanks to a very wise man. This is when she decides to live among humans. Her own gift will surely help her with this. When she is on Forks high school, her human friend gets into a car accident. She goes to the hospital, where she runs straight into Carlisle. He doesn't know she is a vampire, because of her own tricky gift. He gets confused about her nature as she plays with him, fools him and he becomes her own little toy. Is she falling for a married man? As she is about to lose Carlisle because of her own foolish game, the pawns are turned. She has to convince him of her true nature and get him to stay in forks, but this isn't easy. Why, could just tell him and prove him! But gaining the trust of someone you have lied to for several months isn't easy. Even if this person is Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

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xxrebelluvsongxx xxrebelluvsongxx Apr 24, 2013
Ur doin pretty good. Keep up the good work. Can't wait until Carlisle comes into play.
iluvtwilight888 iluvtwilight888 Aug 22, 2011
Sorry, but I doubled over in laughter when Maria said 'you can't go out into the sun, because we sparkle in the light. I think I had WAY too much sugar today :*D
                              anyway I still love it!
FairyGoddess FairyGoddess Apr 29, 2011
@MagiFlower I made a story read it i got a suprise 4 u in the story. LOL U MIGHT KILL ME OR U JUST MIGHT LUV ME 4 IT. It is called Missing home (not for long)
FairyGoddess FairyGoddess Apr 29, 2011
Well I try 2 but it won't let me. So I'm kinda stuck I got an idea why don't you send a rough draft of your story let me read it and check it 4 mistakes and i'll send it back please do that cause I got nothing else 2 do. And plus that is what friends r 4 right?
MagiFlower MagiFlower Apr 28, 2011
@FairyGoddess I love Carlisle so much! <3 If you want more about him : 
                              There is like 1,000 fanfictions about him if not more! :) (if you like yaoi check out my carlislexedward story, which is on wattpad.) Oh and thanks for fanning :)
FairyGoddess FairyGoddess Apr 28, 2011
Your welcome. Did you have a hard time making the decision of which character 2 write about or did u just already know? I've been lookin 4 a story about him 4 a long time? So when i found 1 i was happy. BLESS YOU! LOL!