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LostClan Roleplay {Open!}

LostClan Roleplay {Open!}

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ By AnimalLover71 Updated Sep 23, 2016

LostClan. The name of disgrace and indignity. Or at least that is what BrookClan, GaleClan and LightningClan say. Formerly ShadeClan, LostClan was very despised. Described as weak, and feeble, dead weight, traitors to all cat-kind. That was not true. They still had the hearts of warriors. LostClan relocated, to make their own home, far away from the clan territories. Renaming themselves LostClan, they thrived, or tried to. What path will you choose? More will be explained... ;3

hey! could I sign up? here's my info!
                              Here goes nothing,
                              Name: Watergaze
                              Gender: Female
                              Appearance: A Blue gray she-cat with "ripple" Stripes colored Cream
                              Eye color: Bluebell blue
                              Rank: Warrior
                              Personality: Outgoing, Bubbly, Heads strait in, Smart, And Quirky
                              Other: She is a Russian blue mix
ROTGChildOfTheNight ROTGChildOfTheNight Sep 10, 2016
                              I won't use my rouge group here
                              Just three or two of them because they are main ocs I use
                              Also I agree on the mate thing
abandonedaccountyay abandonedaccountyay Sep 11, 2016
Another question, sorry. Do you have a preference as to whether we rp in past or present tense?
ROTGChildOfTheNight ROTGChildOfTheNight Sep 10, 2016
One time I made a tom on a RP and someone acted like their she-car and my rom were mates
                              When they didn't even know Eachother.
abandonedaccountyay abandonedaccountyay Sep 10, 2016
This looks really interesting! When are you going to open this up?
Lotusquill Lotusquill Sep 19, 2016
Actually.. I really would brush up against my crush. But that's because I'm a creep. XD