The Investigation Club - An Amourshipping Story

The Investigation Club - An Amourshipping Story

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Ash Ketchum is just starting his first year of High School in the illustrious Lumiose High School of Academic Perfection, or L.A.P for short. 

Even though this school is the top school in the whole country, Ash and his friends are not the brightest when it comes to normal school subjects. They just manage to claw their way through the exams and enter the school for one purpose. 

To start their very own investigation club and take on their dreams as becoming detectives. 

Suddenly, that dream becomes a reality as a blast from the past sends the gang spiralling into a detective case that had been discovered 2 years ago and was still unsolved. Will they be able to solve it in time?

And what will happen to Serena and Ash along the way?

Find out in this light-hearted yet dramatic and serious story 'The Investigation Club'

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AsherBrine AsherBrine Sep 20, 2016
Good. Very good... The power of storytelling is strong with this one
Anhkiet_Huynh Anhkiet_Huynh Sep 19, 2016
Very nice, I enjoy it. Although, I wish you could have added a bit more for us to be excited.
urbalink urbalink Sep 18, 2016
there should be either a comma or a full stop before the last speech mark :^)
Amourshipping5ever Amourshipping5ever Oct 01, 2016
I have prepared myself for three hours (not really) and I am finally ready
SylphOfAnime SylphOfAnime Sep 19, 2016
Mark it Mature or Wattpad will be after your bones • ͜ʖ•
laugh_blue laugh_blue Sep 20, 2016