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Sugar Rush! (Todomatsu X Reader!) [Lemon!]

Sugar Rush! (Todomatsu X Reader!) [Lemon!]

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Mamí Aline By AlineS097 Completed

This was requested by Evie-Kun! :3 
I really wanted to make a Todomatsu lemon but didn't quite know how to get it started. I hope I did a good job~ This was probably one of the hardest lemons to write. I'm not as familiar to Totty's personality~ <:D

m-mama? i-is this how teenagers text nowdays?? 
                              this must be how people actually text to each other ;o;
PoodleDork PoodleDork Sep 15, 2016
                              PREPARE FOR YOUR SOCIAL LIFE TO BE RUINED
XxSukuSukixX XxSukuSukixX Nov 09, 2016
Me/(Y/N): I would like lemonade and lemon pie
                              Waiter person: Why is such a sweet person so sour?
                              Me/(Y/N): Because I want some awesome dreams with me and my crush ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                              Waiter person: Me?
                              Me/(Y/N): No, Todomatsu
                              Waiter person: All around me are familiar places, worn out faces~~~
Waiting for the brothers to come in the kitchen and be like what the hell