Whatever, Mr.Alpha(ON HOLD)

Whatever, Mr.Alpha(ON HOLD)

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"Your my mate, your coming with me and were combining packs," Grayson says as he tries to grab my arm.

"So, I'm an alpha, why dont you come to my pack," I ask putting my hands on my hips, and pop a hip to the side.

His eyes travel down and his eyes swirl with lust before his chocolate brown eyes turn to a light shade of black.

"Eyes up here buddy," I say as I snap my fingers by my eyes.

"Your coming with me and thats final," he says before lunging for my arm again. I step back.

"Whatever, Mr.Alpha," I say before slmming my locker shut and walk away.

Dyeni_5 Dyeni_5 Sep 30
You should switch Grayson Stone and Jake Knight, he looks more serious in the pic
As u may know she is on pretty little liars and get name is Spencer
Spencer Hastings A.K.A psycho-est teen boss you'll ever know
Hey it's like Alison Argent and Crystal Reed mixed together to make the name
I should switch Greyson's pic with jakes he is WAY WAY WAYYYYY HOTTER