True Love

True Love

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ShorsMarie♡ By lovinraura_ Updated Sep 28, 2017

The hockey player and the cheerleader . Now from the movies and books you've read, you'd think that this would be the 'IT' couple but if you told them this ,they'd think you're crazy.

He was hot ,he was cute and maybe even sweet sometimes but he was also a player ,a jerk ,the one boy at your high school that you call the typical "Bad boy ".

Laura on the other hand was popular but she was very sweet .Her popularity and reputation on being a cheerleader, didn't stop her from being nice to everyone.She was that social butterfly.

So they were opposites .In some ways at least .Why did they hate each other? Well it had to do with a little incident when they were only 5 .The day they first meet.They now have that sexual tension and the fact that they were both hot didn't help . 

They also have quite a history with each other from their family's being friends AND hanging out in the same friend group (which leaded to ALOT of teasing from friends )but the one thing they didn't know was that ,they would make a whole lot more history .The history of their lives .

...Read and find out how two enemies fall in love......Sexual tension? Yes. Cliche ? 100% . Romance ? You know it.You might want to seat down for this ;)

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Raura_1995 Raura_1995 Jun 24, 2017
Uhh -sees duck tape in her hand and quickly hides it- no! Not at all why'd you ask??
queensavage1209 queensavage1209 Apr 18, 2017
This is the fifth time I'm reading this whole story!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!
ItsRenaH ItsRenaH Sep 10, 2016
I cant wait to read this!(im adorkable.marano from instagram)
dtesta dtesta Sep 13, 2016
Haha you said Mr. So it seems like she's calling to Laura😂