the dark inside of her

the dark inside of her

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an Emo who loves Miraculous By miraculousfanfics Updated Nov 13, 2016

Marinette, a 15 year old highschool student who just happens to be the adored superhero Ladybug. the superhero character Ladybug, is strong, convident, brave and witty, while Marinette is kind, shy, positive, kinda awkward and helpfull. but what people don't know is that she is also broken and inconvident about herself. Ladybug and Marinette are two different people in her eyes. it seems like life hates her and when someone finds out her biggest sercret, it can only get worse. will someone be able to make the dark inside of her turn into light? 

trigger warning! can get a bit depressing, may include selfharm, blood, suicide, death, bullying.

disclaimer: i do NOT own miraculous. 
started: 9-10-16

writers: miraculousfanfics[Kiara] and xfandom_writerX(Leila)

bluegirl13h bluegirl13h Sep 11, 2016
I bet it's Chole!!! Or Lila! Idk!! Must read more!! Love this so far, keep up the amazing work