Zen X  Reader Insert Shots

Zen X Reader Insert Shots

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Isabel By pegasis23 Updated Jul 10

Have you finished the game and need fanfiction to close that hole in your heart? Or perhaps looking for fanfiction to pass time until the next chat? Well, fear not! This book is purely for Mystic Messenger stories!~ (More specifically for Zen lovers like me~)

Lemons will be in the story! Please take caution(and do not report me ><)
  Get drunk on the stories of our ultimate waifu, Zen!~ 
  I do take requests, so feel free to ask in PM or comments!~

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As soon as I read, "He turned you around" I pictured me with glowing red eyes and sharp teeth with a smirk that says "You shouldn't have done that~" XD
Zen's lips were playimg hide-and-seek with my neck? Then how am I breathing? XD
... I luv dis...can you do a part too fluff/lime pretty please? (And maybe the reader is a bit more shy-ish because she still doesn't know how to express her feelings?)
My mind is telling me no
                              But my body
                              MY BODY IS TELLING ME YEAH! (I'm going to go kill myself now bye!)
As soon as I read "I want you so much." I started breathing heavily... >////<