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Four-Letter Defect

Four-Letter Defect

78.5K Reads 3.7K Votes 9 Part Story
Jo Cumberbatch By benaddicted2sherlock Completed

Sherlock Holmes had never been one to embrace the concept of caring for another human being. All it does is bring about unneeded complications and these messy things called 'feelings'. Yet, when he crosses paths with an invalidated army doctor named John Watson his entire way of thinking is forced to be changed. Will this change be for better or for worse?

OrigamiSnowflake OrigamiSnowflake Jul 29, 2016
Yep, John Hamish Watson is just his heterosexual friend™ just heterosexualising it up no homo bro™
little-joy little-joy Dec 01, 2016
i think i need glasses because i cant seem to find john's heterosexuality
Isodore Isodore May 21, 2016
"Heterosexual" Yes Sherlock, heterosexual is definitely the word that comes to mind when I think of John Watson. It comes straight after the two words 'completely' and 'not'
Ooh wait this is Sherlys POV of ASIL lol i just noticed that
MadiWritez MadiWritez Dec 28, 2016
I didn't realize that's why he wasn't eating! Awwww, Sherlock, my baby!!!
W H E N I t s O n L Y THe 2nd C H A pT E R a n d Y O U R H Y P E R V E N T A L A T I NG!!!?!?!?