Wonderwall - The Zephyr Book 2

Wonderwall - The Zephyr Book 2

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In the Zephyr everyone's a liar and nothing is as it seems. One must make a choice: either trust no one, or trust with the knowledge that you will be betrayed.

To be on one of the Zephyr teams is the most prestigious position a Jewel could hope for. Cello and Syianne have been designated to join Leolan's team, but first they have to undergo training and pass a difficult and somewhat life-threatening examination. In order to move forward, they must also learn to understand their unusual brand of grey magic - which proves to be erratic and even dangerous.

And just when things coulrdn't get any worse, jealousy, romance and a dark conspiracy bring about a terrible catastrophe that threatens to destroy everything they have accomplished.

Book 2 of "The Zephyr". readers are advised to begin with "Undefined"
Cover by the amazing genius @seventhstar who we all love to bits.

AlluPual AlluPual Dec 04, 2016
Aaah I wanna start reading this but I know I'll hit the most recent chapter too soon so I'm gonna force myself to wait fjiejejhfkkdnd
ZachariahTodd ZachariahTodd Oct 26, 2016
I loved your last book so much. I hope this one is even better. Also your the very first person that I'm following so keep it up
pyrorse pyrorse Sep 17, 2016
I am so freaking ready!  I've been ready since I first started reading Undefined.  I'm so excited!!!!!!
fUZZI_Lin fUZZI_Lin Sep 28, 2016
It is smart to write beforehand, especially for me xD.  I'm an extremely slow writer, even in the summer
Bepbadatusernamesbop Bepbadatusernamesbop Sep 12, 2016
When I'm excited about something texting I start yelling in all caps and some words aren't even words
bossomeCatQueen bossomeCatQueen Sep 12, 2016
I'm the same, I type really fast and usually make a lot of mistakes as I do