Fathers reject

Fathers reject

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Louie By SuckAPickle_101 Updated Sep 12

Aidriannas father disowned her and she became the runt and the Slav of the pack you could say.She did everything for the pack: cooked, cleaned you name is she did it.

She was 17 she didn't need this stress.Her father was an alpha he beat her and didn't stop when she asked him too, she has many scars and many bruises she hardly eats or sleeps because of the nightmares that await her there. 

All Adrianna has ever known was hatred and abuse.

She was left outside of the Danes territory when she was a baby and ever since she has been the runt and the reject of the pack.

To no fault of her own it wasn't her fault that she was human. Her only mother she has ever known was called Natalia, and Natalia ran away leaving her behind all because she couldn't help. So she ran.  

But to aidrianna she died. She died because she left her with a monster, who beat her and treated her like a reject he though she was.

Then she ran. She ran 2 months before she turned 18, knowing nothing of love and kindness only hatred and guilt. Guilt for not being stronger and fighting back, guilt for leaving all of the children behind and guilt for being human.

She didn't stop running until she collapsed at the stark territory boarder.

The Starks are lethal, excellent hunters and exceptional trackers, pack of over 200, everyone fears him, the alpha. Noah stark. 

The Alpha of the stark night pack. Hes 20 became Alpha young because of the death of his parents, attacked by rogues.

And now he's mates with one. A rouge. What will he do when he finds out she's human.


Hope you guys like this story :)

😂😂I'm not one to be an annoying prude ab grammar and such and I'm not making fun of the author by this made me laugh like all the suspense and it's the wrong word😂😂😂😂no negativity I appreciate your work a lot
JenniferVandenbroek JenniferVandenbroek Oct 23, 2016
If she is a human, than she is not much of a rouge, only wolf's should be a wolf.
katrinarichther katrinarichther Nov 24, 2016
I'm kind of addicted to werewolf stories, but they're all getting the sound pretty much the same. I hope this one's different.
Angel-Lunair Angel-Lunair Sep 17, 2016
Seems like a great Story Line, I know that since this is your first story it wont be as good as the ones to come in the future but just remember that this was your base and that as you get better at writing you can look back and see just how far you've come and how much you've grown.
ReniitaWare ReniitaWare Nov 04, 2016
I like this story it shows a lot of potential  😁😇😇😇