The Pharaoh and his  servant

The Pharaoh and his servant

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Billdip Ancient Egypt Au

(Bill) Renenetmos is a Pharaoh and the sun  god of a small village called Gravity falls, everyone who life there knows that the Pharaoh is always watching so does this one boy called, (Dipper) Meskhetyw. The Pharaoh knew that this would be his mane servant  but what happens when he feels something new that he never felt in his long life...

(Art made by Angel_fieramente_humano on Tumblr )

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bluish_loner bluish_loner Aug 02, 2017
... I think that's just hilarious. A dream demon with sleep disorder.
Loveless_Sadist Loveless_Sadist Jan 26, 2017
OMG I LIKE THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~ MOE IS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~
musicmusthace musicmusthace Sep 10, 2016
If I could get a nosebleed I would be a waterfall! 
                              BUT SINCE I CANT IM JUST A SAD FANGIRL XD
NekojinQueen NekojinQueen Oct 13, 2016
I cannot help but think dirty thoughts by this one sentence.....
Victurri_Fangurl Victurri_Fangurl Sep 10, 2016
I need, i need, faaaaaaaabbbbbuuuullloooosss
                              Sorry I'm also a high school must fan
joker151515 joker151515 Jan 30, 2017
man already? i thought i wasnt  going to need the tishews and popcorn till later better go get them now i guess.
                              *grabs the items*