Falling Slowly

Falling Slowly

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νερό Οδηγό// Λιβάδι By WaterWizard Updated May 09

Here is more of your favored on screen couple! All you DONNIE shippers out there, here is a romance of a lifetime.

It all began when they were just kids, starting out a friends, But as they grew up they developed feelings for each other, both wanted to be more then friends. Join on screen couple Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright as they experience a journey of mixed emotions, past memories and undeniable romance.

Falling slowly is a story inspired by AliviaSaha's book titled, "Love is In the Air". Such a greatly written book! This fan fiction is also inspired by Glen Hansard's song, "Falling Slowly" (ft. Markéta Irglová), it is a great song.


AliviaSaha AliviaSaha Sep 10, 2016
"I fallen for her as you fallen asleep. At first slowly then all at once" this is the first thing came to my mind after reading the name
AliviaSaha AliviaSaha Sep 11, 2016
                              Come on u idiots you both like oops sorry love each other. Admit it.
hinny33 hinny33 Sep 11, 2016
AWWWWWW....... WHY ARENT THEY CANON! THEY SHOULD BE CANON! HOW LONG TILL YOU MAKE THEM CANON! I WANT THEM CANON! Other my rage from this and the movie I just watched I absolutely loved this. SO CLOSE YET SO FAR. AHHHH.
hinny33 hinny33 Sep 10, 2016
THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! MORE DONNIE!!! Thanks for the dedication!! Means a lot. 😊😉😘
AliviaSaha AliviaSaha Sep 11, 2016
One and only.....please some one call the ambulance.... I had fainted.
NerdWithoutGlasses19 NerdWithoutGlasses19 Sep 10, 2016
When I saw this I legit said "Oh My F***nuggets more Donnie."