Land Before Love.

Land Before Love.

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Aleenia is forced into an arranged marriage. It wasn't uncommon for her not to know the man she is going to wed. But it would seem nobody knows who her soon to be husband is. As no-one goes and no-one talks about the people from the Southern lands. At least, not positive talk.
    In a deal to save her people, she is thrown into an ancient tribe. Their clothes, food,  customs' and language foreign to her. And her husband becomes the greatest mystery to her of all.
    There are different creatures lurking in the woods. Ageless tales of their people that have her questioning everything. And something is closing in on the horizon that can bring down all that she has ever believed and cared about.
    Aleenia must tread carefully. As she must make a decision.
    Land before Love?

(#152 in Werewolf December 9th 2017)

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