The First Sight

The First Sight

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One day Emma finds out that her husband Ben has been cheating on her for a while. She's left devastated with their 3 year old daughter (Brynn), whom he doesn't care about. She doesn't know what to do, since she has no money and she's now a single mother. 
 but what happens when one day Brynn gets sick and they have to go to the doctors, and in the waiting room specifically that changes something? Changes the future for the better or worse? Find out by reading The First Sight

Cover made by: @GlamorousDolls


"Ur a truly talented writer." 

"Where did you learn how to write like that? It's so amazing!" 

"I love this book so much!"

"I just now started reading this and I'm obsessed! This is the best fan-fic I have ever read, you deserve an award!" 

"Amazing...I love it!"

"Woo I love this!" 

"Rereading for the third time" 


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Swan_Jones Swan_Jones Mar 05
First time reading and the thing that shocks me the most is all of the comments. You know it's a good book/chapter if the comments are above 50.😯😯😉
HittheDarkwan HittheDarkwan Aug 21, 2017
He claims to know what love is yet he's talking like a teenager.
DonnaPoe DonnaPoe May 31
Wow that a dick some guys can be so heartless he has the balls to tell his wife that he dose not love her or his  daughter I hope she never takes him back what a dick
DonnaPoe DonnaPoe May 31
He is no man that is horrible he doesn’t want his wife or daughter. She needs to find a real man that will love her I hope they don’t get back together
Just started!! Can’t wait to see what happens!!! Btw Ben bloody sucks.
HittheDarkwan HittheDarkwan Aug 21, 2017
Okay okay okay. So cheating on Emma, I get, to an extent. And yeah, you are responsible for Brynn. But you should never FEEL like you're being held down by your own kid like she's some kind of burden.